With Get Life Without Laundry, you pay for exactly what you give us. We charge by the weight of your laundry, pre-wash. All orders have free delivery and pick-up. Schedule a weekly pick-up or on an as needed basis. Whatever you choose, redefine your laundry day with Life Without Laundry.

per Pound
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per Pound
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While clothes, sheets, and towels are priced per pound, large household and bedding items will be removed before weighing and billed on a per-piece basis.
View a complete pricing list for all laundry items.
Launder and press items are $2.00 a piece and are limited to women’s and men’s shirts and pants.

There is a minimum pickup fee of $25.00 for both one time and weekly pickups

Single item pricing for most common items

Large Bedding Items

  • Comforter (King): $25.00
  • Comforter (Queen): $20.00
  • Comforter (Full): $18.00
  • Comforter (Twin): $15.00
  • Bedspread: $12.00
  • * all down items will incur a $5.00 upcharge per piece

Household Items

  • Rug (Large): $25.00
  • Rug (Small): $20.00
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