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Welcome to Life Without Laundry!

My name is Peter and I am excited to be offering you Omaha’s premier laundry pickup and delivery services. My cousin, Chris, and I run Life Without Laundry together and we wanted to tell you a little bit more about our life-changing services. From the moment we pick up your laundry, it is handled with the utmost care.Your laundry is kept in its own private container and never mixed with another customers’ belongings. Our staff wears white gloves whenever handling your laundry, so your laundry will never be physically touched by anyone other than you. At our state of the art facilities, your belongings are laundered in brand new machines with green and eco-friendly detergents and folded on clean, shiny, stainless steel tables. When we deliver your laundry back to you, everything is neatly placed into a sturdy laundry bag (not a flimsy plastic bag that our competitors use) that keeps your clothes folded and stacked, allowing you to easily transfer your belongings from the bag to the drawer.

Our name should be taken literally. We want your life to be free of laundry. This will free up your weekends so that you can focus on those hobbies you love, or spend time with your family, or drink a beer with an old friend. Our services make your life easier and help reduce the burdens in your life. We take a load off your shoulders. Laundry is personal, so we go out of our way to meet your requests and accommodations. Thanks to our new and state of the art facilities, this is easily attainable. We meet each of our customers with respect, professionalism, and dedication. We know laundry is an important part of your life, even if you don’t like the chore itself, so we make it our mission to add more ease and less laundry to your day.

Again, on behalf of Chris and our whole Life Without Laundry team, welcome!

We’re excited to be serving you!



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