Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Bellevue, NE

Bellevue, Nebraska

beautiful view nebraskaThe “beautiful view” absolutely describes this city of more than 50,000 people. Located 1,100 ft above sea level, Bellevue is surrounded by peaks, hills and sprawling plains. It’s bordered on the east by the Missouri River and Gifford Point WMA.

In its early days, Bellevue’s close proximity to Iowa helped the community thrive. Serving as a hub for fur trading and other manufactured goods, Bellevue saw much growth in the early to mid-1800’s. Unfortunately, as the trade industry changed, Bellevue saw a drastic decline in population and economy.

It wasn’t until the coming of Offutt Air Force Base that Bellevue started to see an upswing. With the base came opportunities for military and civilian workers. From 1940 to around 1970, the population went from a little over 1,000 to 20,000 people.

Residents in Bellevue today enjoy one of the safest cities in Nebraska. The area is filled with great schools, dozens of parks, hiking, kayaking and many other outdoor activities. It’s a wonderful place for families who want to raise their children away from a big city, without feeling like they are completely removed from city life. This area has plenty to keep young business professionals occupied, as there are tons of restaurants and shopping options all within the city limits.

Laundry Service in Bellevue, NE

For families and busy college students looking for laundry service in Bellevue, NE, welcome to Life Without Laundry. We offer free pickup & delivery for your laundry and we’ll do it exactly how you want it done. We are more than happy to accommodate special instructions, so if you have delicates or items that are stained, we can take care of that for you.

We also provide wash and fold service for larger items like comforters, as well as to businesses that are in need of a commercial laundry service. Particular about how you want your laundry done but tired of doing it (over and over and over) yourself? Sign up with Life Without Laundry and watch that laundry pile disappear.

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