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Life in Lincoln, Nebraska

nebraska cornfieldWhile not a terribly large city, Lincoln, Nebraska has more than it’s share of things to do. There are great restaurants, live concerts and music venues and tons of museums to keep you busy. Enjoy lunch at a local coffee shop or bistro. The budding downtown district has plenty to offer and continues to see new businesses pop up and thrive.

One of the greatest parts of Lincoln is the views. Hop in the car and a few short minutes away you’ll find endless cornfields, sprawling plains and a sky unobstructed by tall buildings or distractions. Spend a starry night outside with friends around a fire, or just take a drive and appreciate surrounding nature. No matter the season, the view is always something that can be enjoyed and appreciated.

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Sometimes the weather in Lincoln isn’t as great as the view. Winter months can get very cold and best spent in the comfort of your home. Washing and drying heavy blankets can take up far too much time and energy. With laundry service, you don’t have to waste energy using the dryer over and over to completely dry your items.

Our pickup & delivery laundry service in Lincoln, Nebraska is easy and convenient. We wash your clothes, towels, blankets, and bedding. All of your items are cleaned and folded to your specifications. Imagine one day throwing all of your dirty clothes in a bag and leaving them in the hall, only to have them promptly returned, nicely folded and packaged. When you choose Life Without Laundry, that’s exactly what you’re getting. It is our mission to deliver a superior service.

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